Monday, September 18, 2017

Zombies Eat Brains T-Shirt

I got this Zombies Eat Brains T-shirt, its Awesome!

I open the pacage that came from china it took about 20 days to get here but it was worth it, also the shit is size LARGE but it actually looks like size Medium. so just to let you know you should order the next size up if your going to order medium get LARGE if you want to order small get medium.. unless you are extremely small :-P and for large get XL.  you get the point.

The shirt is printed on GILDAN brand its very good quality, I recently washed it and i did not see any discoloration happening so they are very well made.

I  had some difficulty opening the Package then i realized it has a glued tab that peels off to open.  trust me the plastic wrapper is theft proof! unless your a thief with a blade then you can gut the bag but also cut the shirt so good luck to you.

I highy recommend their product they are good quality Just the size was a bit off for me.


You can get yours here:

The exact shirt I'm wearing was purchased here:

Here is my Video:

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