Tuesday, September 4, 2018

KP-Super Charger Power Bank with Wireless charging

OK so I was not too excited about this power bank as much as I was curious. The battery charger is only 6700 mAh a little bit more than half of my current 10,000 mAh portable battery with wireless charging. 

I was expecting something that feels cheap and doesn't charge that fast or dies quickly, but what I got was not that bad. it was half the size in dimension of  my current one, it has a wireless "Qi" on one side and comes with 2 standard USB ports and one USB-C port (not sure what the USB-C port is for.) 

The plastic housing doesn't look or feel cheap. It has very Bright Green LED light to indicate that its charging (red when charging, Green when fully charged) it also has a numeric LED screen that tells you the charge level 0 to 100 %  That's a nice feature, the Led charge indicator is very bright, so I can use it to light up my door key hole at night so I'm not guessing where to insert my key. :-D  

Now on to the performance It did fully charge my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and still had 67% battery left. After reading the Manual  I found that the USB-C in the front is for charging the battery when its low.

But why tho?

Well now that i think of it.. if you dont have an inverter in your car then you can recharge the powerbank in your car and that's a good feature!

The Qi Wireless is a great feature but poorly implemented,  I had issues getting it  Properly align so I can charge my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and when it did it would charge for a little bit and the battery would shut off I still don't know what the deal is but maybe contacting the manufacturer can help.
Other than that it's a nice compact size not heavy and easily charges my phone twice. I also used it to charge a nintendo switch and it worked quite well,  My power bank was at 87% and the nintendo switch was around 2% considering that but nintendo switch does not have a large battery  it charged to about 67% enough for hours of gaming.

I think its great and has a lot of convenient features but still has room for improvement.

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Thank you.


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