Monday, July 30, 2018

Reviewed the RIWBOX wireless headphones and It Blew me away!!

The RiwboX Wireless HeadPhones (XBOX ONE Compatible)
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RiwBoX WB5 Wireless Headphones
Got These headphone on amazon for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review so I put them to the test and here is my somewhat comprehensive review:
at first I thought i was going to get some cheap plastic feeling and "OK" sounding headphones, but what i got instead blew me away.

My first impression when I took them out of the box was "hmm plastic is not so cheap" it looks well made no sharp edges or mold plastic shavings hanging out. The headphones come with everything you need in the box except an SD card but that's to be expected, on the left ear there are a few buttons EQ, Volume up and down and Power that doubles as song skip, play and pause when using an SD card with your favorite MP3 files.

RiwBoX WB5 Wireless HeadphonesThe ear cushions are nice and soft seems you could wear them for an extended period of time, i would like them a tansy bit softer since I do own a pair of Bose that are insanely soft and comfortable, but these were not to shabby. to my surprise they also have cushion on the head band and that is great!.

Next process was to charge them in the box was a micro USB cable (a bit to short and thin but works, I prefer higher quality charging cables because they always end up breaking very easily and I dislike that).

Now on to the real test, after they were charged I Powered it on and paired it with my laptop then I played some DeadMau5 music and...OMG!!
They sound great! I clicked the EQ button and shuffled thru the 3 different modes and found one that enhances the BASS, WHOA WHAT THE HELL!! they sound amazing. I let 4 friends try them on just to make sure, their reaction was the same, they noticed the base and clarity of the sound. For the next 5 days I wore them on and off thru-out the 8 hour work day and by the end of the day it still had power and was playing great, so at least 10 hours of battery life tested and it was still going solid it did not need charging, I will take leap of faith and say that the claimed 13 hours is plausible.

But dont worry if your battery dies the included aux cable with inline integrated microphone saves the day as you can plug the headphones in to a standard headphone jack on your phone or MP3 player and still listen to music, you lose the EQ functions but it still works, if using them as a hands free device for answering the phone this works great over Bluetooth I had no complaints from anyone about the quality of my voice also if you run out of battery you don't need to worry as the included cable has a built in microphone you just need to plug it in the the headset and then in to the headphone jack of your phone and it works just like the included headphone that came with your phone the best part is the incredible discovery I made by plugging them in to my Xbox One controller to test and see if it would work for game sound and chat and it DID! it was great! I was shocked! this is a nice cool Feature!

I have the Xbox One stereo headset adapter and I plugged in the headphones to that so that i can control the chat volume and be able to mute the mic. Not only does it sound great but it looks great too!

The RiwboX WB5 Wireless headphone are amazing for its low cost. you definitely get more than what you bargained for.  All in all I recommend these headsets if your on a budget or as a gift to a friend a teen or a 10 year old child, I guarantee you they will love them.

Now on the the tech stuff:
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  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.2 
  • Support: AVCTPv1.4, AVCTPv1.5,GAVDP1.0,AVDTPv1.0,A2DPv1.0,HFv1.5
  • Operation Range: 33Ft (10m) 
  • Talking Time: Up to 18h
  • Playing Time: Up to 13h
  • Standby Time: Up to 160h
  • Charging Time: Up to 3h
  • Battery capacity: 4.2V / 300mAh (rechargeable) 
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Rock, Pop, Classic,Jazz,Country and Natural styles.

on headphones and on the included Aux cord

  • Sturdy plastic build
  • Foldable design
  • Soft protein cushions
  • Head strap cushion
  • Metallic Hinges
  • Multi equalizer settings
  • SD card slot
  • Great battery life 10 hours and still did not need charging
  • Great bluetooth rangeat least 30ft no problem
  • Great design and ergonomics
  • Aux cord has inline mic and is very long.
  • Works with Xbox one and ps4 game chat
  • Great for Left handed people
  • The also come in White and Gold
White Version:

  • Slightly to tight could not wear for more than 1 to 2 hours at a time.
  • USB cable is too short and cheap
  • SD card slot has no cover so it looks ugly having an open hole
  • Control buttons are on the left side so for right handed people its sort of an inconvenience
  • Audio Prompts are not uniform some appear to have an american accent and the others an oriental accent. ( This is not a Problem I'm just picky) 
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