Saturday, August 12, 2017

Best Portable Beach Hammock for 2

Best Portable Beach Hammock for 2! 

So Koki sent me this hammock to check out and test on my vacation, Here is my thoughts and reviews. I was not paid to do this so my review is completely and honestly NON-BIASED .

First of all I want to say Thank you to Koki for sending me this.

Now the Review:

The hammock is Lightweight material and breathable, its water resistant so it can get wet with no problems, the materials are good quality and for what i can tell it can hold 400 LBS with no problem.
I love the two tone color,  I t came in two bags ome small (for the straps) and one large for the Hammock itself.  The bag it comes with is part of the ha mot and can be used to store stuff in it and also doubles as the storage  bag. both the hammok and the straps fit in one bag but for those who want to keep the hammock clean you can use the seperate bag.

Check out these pictures:




The Hammock Is made of somewhat breathable nylon, It feels like real good quality, the straps ate very well made and are not about to break easy anytime soon. One thing that did bother me was that the straps were too short. I had a hard time getting it around the pillars it was almost to short. One thing I can recommend to the manufacturer is to make the straps longer a lot longer. I had to hunt around for a pair of trees or posts that were not to far apart so I could hang it.

Other than the straps being to short this hammock put me to sleep on the beach. 

Thanks Koki!

checkout my Youtube video on this product here:

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