Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Portable Mini Photo Studio Box with LED Lighting

Time for another cool product review:

Behold: The Portable Photo Studio Box with LED Lighting 

This cool little foldable studio box is great for Jewelry and Small Items Photography it comes with 2 strips of 2x20 LED Lights powered by USB.

It has 6 different color backdrops that can be used as a chromakey or simply to help enhance the appearance of the item to be photographed.

Its really cool and has enough room for some small bulky items, but I dont have any small bulky items to take pictures of so I'm going to use whatever I have at hand 😂

This mini studio is made of a think plastic like what you would find in a Plastic Folder that you would buy in the Dollar general store.  This Portable studio is great if you have an etsy store or a Facebook store and you sell small items like jewelry makeup or beer? ...  Anyways its really cool and has plenty of light. The lights are powered by USB so I used a portable USB battery pack that has 2 ports to plug both lights in, (each light has its own USB cable) so keep that in mind in case you dont have one.  If the items is too bright you can turn one of the lights off for this blog I turned off the rear light to get a nice frontal picture of the bottle. and the pictures came out really nice.

I think this is a great inexpensive tool to start your blog/store or what ever you need to do to photograph its pretty cool and looks somewhat durable.

Check out more pictures I took below:

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