Monday, February 26, 2018

Bicycle Rear Light C1 with Laser Projection - Review

This is probably the nicest Bicycle Light I have seen and the material build is high quality best i have seen on a bicycle light. This thing is great! Its bright enough to be seen at night and the Laser Projects two thick lines on both sides of you to let drivers know your Perimeter, best part it is water resistant! it also has a built in Rechargeable batter that by the looks of it it might be serviceable or replaceable witch is pretty darn cool.

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Lets start with the packaging: it comes in a nicely printed box with a detailed description of the product on all sides.

The light it self is very well constructed, it is doesn't feel like cheap plastic its actually has some TLC added when they built it. so you can feel safe that this is something that will last a long time.

The light on the Back is Bright and it comes with a remote that you place on your handle bar that lets you control the light such as the turn signal left and right, the Stop Light and also the incredible Laser Line Projection, you can tun it on and off from the remote mounted on your handle bar.


Now IMHO I think the Light could use an upgrade to brighter LED especially for the Turn signals that I could not really tell it it was yellow or red.  but the red light also chases left or right based on the direction of the turn signal.

all in all this is a product that you will like and not feel sorry you spent your money on.

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