Saturday, December 30, 2017

RODE VideoMicro Review, I put it to the test and the result will surprise you!

Testing the Rode video Micro on my motorcycle in the wind.
This not an in depth product review but rather a test of the Rode VideoMicro Attached to my motorcycle using SmallGrip Clamps and using the TRS to TRRS adapter cable
it comes with a Dead cat wind deflector and it works perfectly.

I was very impressed on how clear you can hear me perfectly clear and my Harley is barely heard in the background this passive mic is very impressive.

Mounting was easy with the SmallGrip clamps  the phone can be mounted different ways
I used a mount from a selfie stick i had laying around and it works good.  afterwards i replaced it with an Ulanzi Mount it was more stable and less shake.

Here is a picture of the setup: 

Watch my past Live stream of me testing the microphone:

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